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Annual review at the YCIS August 21, 2008

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I had my annual review at the Yorkshire cochlear implant service today and it went well apart from the early morning start because my appointment was at 10! It takes us about half an hour to drive there down the motorway to get there.

As I was saying, the appointment went well and my audiologist, Salim tested my external part of the cochlear implant and looked in my ear for the internal part. Everything was good thankfully! My cochlear implant was tested too and the sound levels were fine. Salim also told me that there’s no infection in my right ear now, I probably still won’t believe it though because I’ve had it for so long! I’m sure I will one day and will feel I can finally touch my right ear again without worrying I’m going to pass it on the left one!

We also talked about the possibility of upgrading from the 3G Esprit to the
Nucleus Freedom. I was unsure about the choice to upgrade to the Freedom because I don’t really want to go through the whole programming the external part of the cochlear implant again after years of getting it right! Salim told me and my mum that the Freedom was still in the testing stages. He also told me that some people have had some trouble adjusting to the Freedom after having the 3G esprit because they think it sounds different. I already knew it would sound different at first, I was expecting that! I wondered if it was worth the hassle switching to the Freedom.

Salim was saying that because my internal cochlear implant was not the same as the one that most implantees get now when they have their operations as it has been upgraded therefore if I did decide to get the Freedom then some of the features on it wouldn’t work. To be honest, I wouldn’t really care about the features as long as I could still hear well & able to listen to music and family!
I decided to stick with the 3G esprit for now, although Salim told me eventually, I would need to change to the Freedom because as time goes on, technology changes too but I will cross that bridge when it comes! For now, I am quite happy with my 3G esprit and I got my batteries and a magnet coil for my cochlear implant and off we went home!



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