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Little Fat me… August 27, 2008

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
I’m worried about my dietician appointment tomorrow because what with all the bad days I’ve been having, I fear I’ve let my routine go and lost some weight. I’m trying my best to stay above 8stone but I think it’s gone down. I’ve not weighed myself for a few weeks because I can’t trust our weighing scales as they gave a different reading each time and I didn’t know which one was right!

I worked hard to put all my weight on since I came out of hospital last year and I have put on an amazing 2 stone from 6st to 8st and looking more healthier which I’m pleased about. I don’t really want to lose that look because I love my body how it is now and I would hate for my skinniness to come back. Everyone that I have spoken to has told me how good I look now and I don’t want to disappoint them by dropping some weight as well as myself.
Although I know my weight won’t drop if I keep on eating small portions often and I have the PEG on bad days when I haven’t had a lot to eat but I worry that I might not come off the PEG unless my dietician is happy for me to do so.
I worry about a lot of things and want things to be good again so I can be happy and relaxed just as I was before my OCD took over and its one less thing to worry about if everything is fine tomorrow. Just gotta keep fattening myself up! Ha


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