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A Little Update… September 16, 2008

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
I start my volunteering tomorrow afternoon at my old junior school and got up early today so I can get a good night’s sleep tonight so I’m refreshed for it! When I was putting my cochlear on this morning my brother came in to my room and he was talking his normal tone of voice but my CI was up REALLY loud! Haha I must have adjusted my volume when I was putting it in the protective box last night before bed (I always do that before I go to bed so it gets rid of any moisture & keeps it safe) then when I adjusted my volume back to my normal between 4 and 5, my brother started whispering as to think I put it down too low!! A right joker sometimes my brother!! haha. Once last year, I panicked that my Cochlear Implant wasn’t working one morning- I switched it on and off several times and tried it again and checked I had batteries in (which I did) but I must have left the CI processor switched on all night and the batteries ran out!! DOH I got myself into a right state too because I was meant to go out with friends that day!!! Once of my bad points of having my CI is I worry about losing it after I lost the last one i had but I have peace of mind that my CI doctor is keeping a close eye on it after what happened and at least I and my family know how I lost it in a way (my condition being a factor to the long time I had the ear infection)
A bad update is I’ve been a bit sore on my PEG site on my tummy and I could hardly move without it hurting and it’s like a sharp feeling as if u have a piece of glass in there so it’s not been nice feeling like that! It’s all better now since my mum put some cream and a bandage between my stomach and the little piece that’s stops it going inside my stomach! MUCH relief!


1. Charlotte - September 16, 2008

Good luck tomorrow. You’ll be fine.

euch, about your peg thing, I hope it gets better for you.

C x

2. Charlotte - September 16, 2008

Good luck tomorrow. You’ll be fine. euch, about your peg thing, I hope it gets better for you.C x

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