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First day Volunteering… September 17, 2008

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My first day volunteering at my junior school went well! I had to brave a little steep walk up the path to the school which left me out of breath! At least it’s some kind of excercise I am getting! At the school, I helped a little boy who has a vision impairment and my job was to help him do some writing work on the computer then for my next job was to help in the classroom, I handed things out to the children and listened to some of the children read their books! It was a job listening to them as it was a busy classroom with lots of noise but I managed to keep on what I was doing! One of the children had a very quiet voice! It was very enjoyable and I got on with the teachers well! I don’t know what I was so nervous about but I’m a born worrier anyway! I’m sure I will enjoy more time volunteering at the school! I’m sure I will gain a lot of social and self-confidence there too. I summoned up the courage to ask about things I weren’t sure about and even corrected a teacher when she got my name wrong over a busy classroom! I learnt that I’m more confident than I think I am but don’t often show it! I hope that things will go just as well as time goes on and my confidence will continue to be on the up! It certainly makes it easier that it is my old junior school because it’s familiar ground and knowing some people who work there.


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