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Bonfire Wishes… October 27, 2008

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It’s now half term so the school I volunteer at is closed! I have no plans whatsoever ha!
Lots going on with Halloween etc although I never really celebrate it… but I do enjoy the trick and treaters we get! There’s not many young kids on my road now that celebrate Halloween so we dont get many! I am however really looking forward to Bonfire Night!! The fact I love about Halloween is that Bonfire Night is the week after. If you do not know what Bonfire Night is about and what it represents here is a link to show you what this annual celebration means.


I love the fact you can huddle up to someone, keep warm in the cold and watch the fireworks displays. I will be going to an organised firework display that is arranged by the police.
The firework display they do are fantastic! Although I go with my mum to the display, I cant help but wish I had someone special to share the moment with but ah well I’m sure it wont be long before I have some one to share my thoughts and dreams with and hold his hand while we walk down the street! Ah a girl can dream can’t she!!! :0)



1. Antony - October 27, 2008

It will Happen for you one day. When it does you are gonna feel sooooo great, words won’t describe.

2. Katie-Louise's Cochlear Implant Blog - October 27, 2008

Aw, BONFIRE night are great 😀 I love them and looking forward to watch a event this saturday which is Organised by Markeaton park. Who know’s next you year you could share you moment with someone special.

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