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A Million Love Songs Later… November 22, 2008

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
One of my fave bands at the moment are Take That! I loved them in the 1990’s when they got togerher. For people who may not know take that back then, they looked like this:

I love their songs and played them constantly til the time they broke up! Although I love ALL the songs by Take That. in the 90’s. my favourite songs were “Love Ain’t Here anymore” & ” A Million Love Songs” Yes, it was sad that Robbie left but they remained strong even if they did split soon after robbie left, I still loved their songs and was very upset when they split up as did a million other girls haha!

They came back on the scene in the last few years as strong as ever! They may be older but they are still sexy! Ive fancied my way through the band and now I’m kinda smitten with Howard seen here in the picture below in orange shirt.

They get better each time they bring a new song out! I listened to “Patience” for weeks when they released it! Their songs are some of the songs that I first started listening to when I first got my cochlear implant in 1994 so they hold fond memories for me!



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