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Cannulas (shiver)… November 24, 2008

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
Cannula….. What a horrible little word! I perfer it’s latin meaning which is “little reed” If you dont know what a cannula is, it’s a little tube with a needle that goes in your viens anywhere on your body! Normally for an operation it would be done on to top of your hand. Below in the picture you can see my bandaged hand where the cannula is under! I wont show you the actual cannula because basically even looking at one myself just makes me shiver because its connected to some horrible times I”ve had with cannulas.

I’ve had bad times with them from doctors driving to squeeze blood out of my hand to painful experiences with IV drips. IV drips were were ok the few operations I had but then each time I was on an IV drip, I had painful hands because of the liquid from the IV drip to my cannula and it always made the vien it was going into swell up somehow and was very sore going in that I would actually cry! So I developed a phobia against the actual putting the cannula in my hand by a anesthetist. I would never let them put it in and nurses had to cover my eyes and everything or hold my hand down to put it in! One of the later problems with cannulas were that they could never find a vein to put it in because my hands were always so cold! ( as I always was because I’m a wafer thin hospital robe! Who wouldn’t be cold??!) Last year because of my phobia, I asked to be put to sleep by gas first before the anesthetist put any cannulas in my hand & I think I may always do so in future if I ever had any more operations, its just a horrible thing to have in your hand! I cant even look at one on a TV like any hospital programmes I may watch, real or fake! Not that I’m hoping to having any more operations or be put to sleep in the near future! I would perfer it if I never had another operation in my life again but I dont think that will ever happen….

There may always be a time in my life where I may land in hospital or have a procedure done because of my deafness or my mitochondrial condition so it’s a thing I will have to sadly get used to…



1. Vivie - November 24, 2008

awww that’s a bad thing..I’m afraid of them too, just didn’t knew the english word..*shiver* I hope you can avoid them in future! Hugs!

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