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Showing off… November 27, 2008

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.

I have never made a secret that I am deaf and have a cochlear implant to people I meet but I never really show my cochlear implant off….
I always wear my hair down & hate it when I show my ears off sometimes because of the surgery i’ve had on both my ears, i’m left with my right ear that’s flat as a pancake thats practically stuck to my head and my left ear that sticks out a bit because of my cochlear implant that rests on it. I get scared of showing it off in case someone snatches the cochlear implant from my ear so i never really wear my hair up when I go to town or somewhere busy like that! I’ll wear my hair up when i’m spending time with family or seeing friends at their houses! I just couldn’t risk losing my cochlear implant because it’s a part of me, its the first thing I put on in the morning to the time I take it off for bed and I wouldn’t like it if something happened to it and I had to spend a few days without hearing!

I’m going to wear my hair up for the volunteering at the junior school tomorrow. Only 3 kids know I am deaf in the class I help in because I told them on Wedsnesday and showed them the cochlear implant. Kids are always curious about things they dont know about! It’s probably gone around the class now that “Laura’s deaf!” Maybe that will teach them not to be so noisy in the class in future and listen to me! hehe I hope the kids understand what a cochlear implant is though?! If not, I shall let them know!



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