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My awareness & The Mighty Boosh… December 23, 2008

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Today reminded me something about myself that all of my family notice which is my awareness! I have none!!!! ha! I can be in a world of my own when I’m out & about… My mum always has to stop me at roads sometimes as I’m not entirely aware of where I’m going!! If I;m on my own, I’m more aware of the world around me and am careful on the roads! I listen very carefully in the distance if there’s any cars coming down the road because I can usually hear them before I see them.
Also I was in shops, and my family always had to tell me to move to let people past!Not because I’m being ignorant, but as I can’t really see out of the side of my eyes because of the mitochondrial condition, i can’t really move my eyes that well… so I only see what’s in front of me rather than what’s around me! ike today, sometimes I get friends texting me saying they saw me in town and maybe even waved at me but I never saw them!! So I feel bad that I never saw them and said hi to them!! & I have to text them later and apoligize to that friend!!

I am such a fan of The Mighty Boosh starring Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt! I just can’t decide which episode or character I love because it’s ALL fantastic!!! I love their “crimping” songs!

If you’re not familliar with The Mighty Boosh or “Crimping” songs, here is an example

Lyrics to the crimping song:

Bouncy Bouncy
Oh such a good time
Bouncy Bouncy
Shoes all in a line
Bouncy Bouncy
Everybody sing along
Bouncy Bouncy
oh such a good time
Bouncy Bouncy
White socks slipping down
Bouncy Bouncy
Stilettos are a no no
Bouncy Bouncy oh
Bouncy Bouncy oh
Everytime i bounce I feel I could touch the skyeeeee

I have to say that Vince (Noel Fielding) & Tony Harrision (Noel Feilding) are my fave characters! They are just sooooooooo funny!

Tony Harrison

Julian Barratt & Noel Fielding
I hope I’ll maybe able to go see one of the Live Mighty Boosh show one day!!


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