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My Christmas Eve & Day… December 26, 2008

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Hey, one & all

I spent my christmas eve evening in the company of my friends, I had a great time seeing everyone in my group of friends! There was food, laughter, games, talk of old times and memories, presents and I loved it! I arrived back at home at 2am! An hour after my parents & brother got home so I was the last one home so they called me a dirty stop out! haha
We all spent an hour chatting about random things before finally going to bed at 3am!I love times like that, when we just all sit there talking about odd and random things, never mind if we are drunk or sober, we were just having a good time chatting without the TV on & talking about nothing and anything!
It’s safe to say I didn’t sleep much! I was too excited about the day ahead and the memories of a great night I just had!
Christmas day started for me at 10am, we went to open our presents and see what we all got!
I was pretty much happy with what I had got!
We went to the local pub at 12 for our traditional christmas drink and stayed til the pub closed at 3pm.

The family came home to crackers and Christmas Dinner and just about the whole family is knackered and asleep so I settled in to classic Christmas TV and chocolates!

So Christmas Eve and Day has totally wiped me out now!

So Glad I can relax for Boxing Day & have a long lie in!!

Hope everyone’s Christmas has been as good as mine!



1. Laura ~Peach~ - December 26, 2008

looks like tons of fun!Have a great Boxing day!hugs Laura

2. Danielle - December 29, 2008

so glad your xmas was great!!! mine was good too i posted a new blog.smile*Danielleps- Im glad your doing good! Remember always stay positive! I am trying also.

3. Dave - December 29, 2008

So glad you had a wonderful night and day! 2 am!!! my my it must have been a blast.

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