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Actually… December 31, 2008

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I do have one resolution! More a challenge!

I am going to continue the knitted square quilt that I started in 2006! I have various bright coloured knitted plain & patterned squares in a box under my bed! Although, I don’t know if I yet have enough to finish the blanket so I may have to knit some more squares!! I started knitting squares (not for the blanket, knittiing in general) when I was 8 because a lady on my road used to babysit me and she taught me the basics of knitting, we used to knit squares to get enough for a blanket and she would sew it up! We even did it at the junior school when I was 9 and a few other ladies and pupils of the school used to come to knitting club on a lunchtime and knit squares and the blanket would go to charity! Unfortunately, I wasn’t there for the time they had a photo taken with it when it was completed as it was the time when I was in hospital having my 1st cochlear implant!

I got shown the photo when my teacher of the deaf from the junior school visited me at hospital! The quilt looked great! 😀

Years later, I made my own which now is only good for a rag now!! Full of holes after much use! So I began knitting more square with also patterned squares which I got out of knitting magazines! It was so tricky to do some of the patterned ones as they are hard to do and it took me a few tries but I got there in the end and it was an achievement when I saw the squares at the end!

The box under my bed will surely come out when I’m bored at home and something to do! I’ve always enjoyed making things like that!

Just hope this one stays together!!



1. Dave - January 1, 2009

Here is to a great year for you Laura! Best health and continued writing and creating!


2. Dave - January 1, 2009

Here is to a great year for you Laura! Best health and continued writing and creating!David

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