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CI’s and colds… January 7, 2009

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
Today I woke up with a sore throat and some tiredness! I find that when I have a sore throat or a cold, my hearing from my cochlear implant is affected and sometimes seem a bit quieter than usual or a bit funny… When I am tired or have a cold, i am more likely to have tinnitus or the CI hearing sounds a little weird and fuzzy! I guess it’s unavoidable since the throat nose and ears are all connected. i even found a change in sound when I had my tracheostomy in 2007, it sounded almost raspsy like I was a dalek from Dr Who! I lost my speech for a few days and relied on a white board to write on. It also took a while for my voice to become strong again, I could just about whisper but I had to talk to get it back! I was always worried about the hole in my throat but docs always reassured me the voice would get stronger as time goes on and it did. I am quite good at a screaming match when I have one i can tell you now so I can be used to my voice being loud at home! Whereas, in the big wide world, the voice goes quiet as I get to meet new people and do new things…
BUT I am gaining confidence and learning to ask and interact with people as thats what volunteering in a school is all about! It’s great fun along and I gat a good sense of acheivement in myself! Which comes to the point, that I think 2009 may be the making of Laura??
Who knows!
2008 was a fantastic year for me regarding confidence and learning to how to be more comfortable around people rather than being shy & I did my best to get stuck into whatever I planned to do n enjoy it!
I have volunteering this afternoon but looking forward to getting back into it! I also rang the Cochlear implant centre and ordered me some batteries like it was nothing! haha
I hope everyone else has a good start to the new year! if not, then as the saying goes…
Things can only get better! X


1. Laura ~Peach~ - January 7, 2009

upward and onward in 2009~ I think that it would be considered normal to have your hearing effected/ Affected by a cold… my hearing sure is… My kids call me deaf but technically i am not i have troubles with some sounds and comprehension at times (which I am pretty sure has little to nothing to do with physical hearing) but when I have a cold I REALLY have a hard time.

2. deafgirlmelissa - January 7, 2009

Sounds like 2009 is already starting to be a good year to you and I hope it gets even better for you!

Take Care


3. Danielle - January 7, 2009

Sorry you have a cold. But your right… just keep saying that ” thing will get better”. Stay positive. I noticed when i got detoxed 2 weeks ago I had a very bad cold for xmas and I couldnt hear at all even with the 1 ear I have left. I think bc its all connected just like u said. Stay well! So you are not alone when it comes to getting colds and cant hear. I been through it and 2 weeks ago it was scary because I didnt know if it was a cold coming on or I lost all my hearing jus like the R ear when I just lost it suddenly. But I can hear somewhat still with the Left. Thankgod I found out it from cold.
Glad 2009 has been a good start for you so far!
stay well.

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