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Bad Hands… January 9, 2009

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
The cold weather and combination of washing my hands a lot is taking its toll. Since I began having OCD in 2004, it has progressively got worse. My hands have got very rough despite trying various hand creams. They, at times go very red and blistered especially in winter when the cold gets to them! They can be painful too at times. Even though they are red, I just can’t help the washing of my hands at many times of the day…
This fustrates me because it’s so hard to stop but I cant stop long enough for my hands to get better! My hands are fantastic is the summer when it’s warm and the sunshine gets on them and they go a bit more softer than they are in winter! Sometimes, to my parents, they say it looks like I have red gloves on sometime makes me feel bad about them!
Here are what my hands are like at the moment: you can see how dry they are. They feel so old and crinkly like when you’ve been in a bath too long!! Which dissapoints me because I love them when they are all soft and pinky normal skin colour! I am trying a sterile cream at the moment now so see if that helps them!

Bad Bad hands!!! 😦



1. Debs - January 16, 2009

Go to lovely Lush.. buy handcream there.. brilliant for my hands.. I use dream cream all over before bed.. and handcream during the day..

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