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New Batteries, Please…! January 15, 2009

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.

Sometimes, I ask my mum to order my “Power ONE Implant plus” cochlear implant batteries but lately I have stuck to picking up the phone myself and ordering them!

I ordered some over the phone last week because I was down to 2 6-packs but they never arrived! Luckily, we keep emergency batteries everywhere!! We keep some in my parents car, in my mum’s bag, in my bag! hehe You can never be too careful if you’re caught short and your batteries have just gone especially if you have somewhere to be and need to be listening! I hate it when you are somewhere and enjoying something and your hearing just stops dead because the batteries have gone! I mostly always change my batteries before they have the chance to run out though because I hate it when it just cuts out!!! it can be annoying when you are in the middle of a conversation too! My batteries usually last about a week depending how many hours Ive had my cochlear implant switched on as sometimes I have late nights which is always more battery time!

My batteries that I ordered didnt arrive! I was getting worried I would run out but I called up the cochlear centre again yesterday instead of asking mum to do it.

They sent some emergency ones via 1st class post and I recieved them yesterday, the rest followed today! I won’t have any trouble with my cochlear implant cutting me out of conversations woop! 😀


1. Laura ~Peach~ - January 15, 2009

Yeah the batteries are there!

2. Charlotte - January 15, 2009

Lucky my Centre just send a box of 60 every few weeks by post without me asking for it! Made life easy! and so that i am never out of batteries!.Glad your centre is able to send it out quickly.Char

3. jwdudley - November 29, 2010

I am surprised as to how many people will carry spare batteries for their hearing aids. It seems that many are shy about changing batteries in public.

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