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Little Whispers… January 22, 2009

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
I lent my mum my mobile to borrow because I had free minutes and she wanted to call a friend! I carried on with my laptop browsing the net/ chatting and I could hear some whispering. I looked around to see what it was and it was coming from the mobile that my mum was on! haha the volume was on high so I could hear the person talking out of the phone even though I didnt have it near my ear or even holding the phone. It wasn’t even on speakerphone where you press a button on your mobile so everyone can hear it! I was about a few feet away! hehe it always makes me smile when I hear whispers like that! 🙂


1. melissa - January 22, 2009

Thats great!!! I can hear the whispers if mum is on the phone but not clear enough to understand what the other person is saying, its just noise

2. Laura's medical journey - January 22, 2009

haha i cant tell what they say either unless its on speakerphone ut if its far away and not on speaker phone it sounds like whipsers!

3. Vivie - January 23, 2009

lol hahah!!! I can hear my friends..and usually I can guess if the voice was male or female..discontenting them..lol!!!!

4. Rachel @ Cochlear Implant Online - January 25, 2009

That’s definitely an incredible moment! Even as someone who has had a CI for 19 years, I always continue to have more hearing moments as days go by, and I think it’s because I always think that I should take for granted that I can hear, something that people who hear normally don’t think about. I remember a few years ago, I would tell my mother when she was on her cell phone from time to time, “Wow! I can hear the other line! That’s cool!” I’m sure that we’ll all, CI users, will continue to discover new things as days go by.

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