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Oops…I’m in trouble… January 27, 2009

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
I got in trouble with my parents last night regarding my late nights on the computer! Not just because I stayed up but because I locked the door of my room and i took my cochlear implant off and I couldnt hear anything while I was typing away at my computer! My mum went a lil mad because she doesn’t like me locking the door at night in case there ever was a fire and she couldn’t alert me because I couldn’t hear! Not that i’d keep the door locked all night but I wanted some peace and quiet on the computer! Looks like i got the total opposite with my mum and brother knocking on the door at 3am…
When that didn’t alert me, they resorted to using a flash light throught the cracks of my door and putting notes under the door which i finally got the message, literally, to go to bed and turn off the computer! Needsless to say, I stayed locked in the room til my parents went to bed again with me passing through a note under the door saying i’ll go to bed but ooops! But i see their point of view with the locked door at night! so i wont be doing THAT again! My mum also reminded me that if im going to lock the door at night, at least keep my cochlear implant on in case she needs to alert me….


1. Laura ~Peach~ - January 28, 2009

excellent point your mum has there… I go ballistic with locked doors around here.

2. Vivie - January 28, 2009

oops! your mum has a valid point..I’ve locked my parents too off my apartment..LOL! so I can feel u.. why don’t u get some deaf alerting stuff? mighta useful ,I’m gonna get some soon..

3. Debs - January 28, 2009

You could get that baby alarm, you can buy from mothercare that you could put next to PC and it flash when someone knock the door.. You should be able get one free if You are register with social Service.

4. Laura's medical journey - January 29, 2009

i would but they are a bit pricey lol

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