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I am still around…! February 16, 2009

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I haven’t blogged for a bit so I felt I should! It’s half term next week so will probably be bored silly but i’ll try and find something to keep me occupied! The snow is mostly gone now (boooo!) although it is still cold! At least we are no longer in the minus temperatures! It will soon be spring :0D and the sunshine might actally come out to play! I hope it gets warm soon! I miss sitting outside and reading my book on the swing chair!

I had a good Valentine’s weekend and hope everyone else did too! I’m still pondering how to celebrate 15 years of having a CI (wow so long!) I’m sure I can find something! 🙂 If any one has any fun suggestions Please suggest some to me on comments! 😀 x

On a bad note, I have lost some weight, more than I thought actually! Ive dropped back down to 7 stone 2 pounds when I wanted to stay above 8 stone which is dissapointing but I haven’t seen the dietican for few months now… which is bad on the medical profession! I’m lucky to have my parents keeping an eye on me and notifying me if I look like I’m losing weight! It may be nagging but I’m glad they do. I want to stay above 8! I love being curvy and I look better curvy than being a skinny minnie! My mum is going to call up the G.P to see why I haven’t been sent an appointment yet! I should be seen at least every 3 months to check up on my weight.
I do love that I live at home because there always someone to tell me to get off my ass and get something to eat and stop being distracted!

My bruise from the fall has just began fading away now! woop! I must stop watching the news too… why do they have such depressing stories on?? It’s enough to bring anyone down! So I switch it over to something funnier like “scrubs” yes a hospital comedy! I dont know why I enjoy watching hospital programmes such as House or casualty. My parents go “You’ve had that done… ” like I don’t know about it!! haha!



1. Medical Job Search - June 15, 2009

i love your blog. I love reading about how much hope, energy, and passion you have for things. I just found it yesterday and I've been on it when i can trying to catch up to all your posts. I have Leigh's syndrome which as you might know is a mitochondrial disease. I know how you feel with the weight loss i have a lot of trouble eating and swallowing food because of this and i have to see my doctor every week due to weight loss. And through it all i managed to go to med school but under the condition that i stay home with the rents. and i just graduated last week. im really excited to where this will lead me next!You are a true inspiration to me!Kat

2. Laura's medical journey - June 15, 2009

Wow congratulations on your graduating med school! i know its hard world in the medical industry! I hope you enjoy what comes next in your life! x

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