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People power… February 21, 2009

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
Do you ever notice that the people around you have a profound effect on you and your mood??
If you are happy, it’s because you are around a great bunch of friends or loved up and have that warm fuzzy feeling! If you’re sad you’re probably around people who are not very nice or making the odd horrible comment about what ever bad point you have in your life but ah who cares because the good people outweight the bad people most of the time even if it’s just that one person who’s always there to share a laugh with you! It can rarely be non-people though, sometimes it can be just something as simple as clothes shopping that stresses me out! But mainly it’s people!!
Everytime I’ve ever cried or got down about something has been down to bad people with their comment etc “whats wrong with your eyes?” in a bad way and dont apoligize for it when I do explain.. or the worst before I got my weight on.. “you skinny cow why dont you eat something?” There can be some cruel people in the world who don’t really give a crap what they say because they either think it’s cool to be like that or they are just miserable, lonley people who really have anyone to care about?
Why some people don’t notice how such a bad little comment like that can affect you and how you are, i’ll never know. Some people just don’t think! or maybe they like the attention of being horrible but I don’t see many people making a living ut of being horrible! (Well, unless you count Simon Cowell!! but that’s just probably for show ha)
I’ve stuck with the same group of friends since high school as well as having made some more great friends since then and you know that first off if they are going to be nice people or bad people as you get to know them. I feel lucky that I can keep the good bunch of people that I can have a laugh with and have the stength to leave behind bad people who have made comments about either me or my condition who aren’t worth being around. People that know me well will know that I do joke about my mitochondrial condition or my deafness such as how I’m gonna get all fat or the fact I say “what?” some of the time but that does’nt excuse a stranger who does’nt know me to say a bad comment! I have had to learn to become defensive about things like that because there’s always gonna be horrible people in the world and you can’t avoid it. I would rather stick with my good group of mates than make new ones that turn out to be horrlble in the end but I haven’t done too badly so far! :0D
So here’s a lesson for some people, think before you say something, you never know how it might affect someone! It does’nt pay to be nice! Horray for good people power!
Have a nice weekend all!


1. Julie Layne - February 21, 2009

Kind of in the same vein, I’ve tried to make an effort recently to notice good service at restaurants or stores, etc., and not just leave a good tip/gratuity (can’t remember what it was called when we were in the UK–very different than how it’s done here in the US!) but to verbally affirm them, too. Some people have looked really surprised when I’ve complimented them, almost embarrassed, but then I explain to them that I just think they did an exceptional job, and that I know people don’t tell each other that kind of thing often enough. I think, in the long run, it not only makes their day, but mine as well.

2. Laura's medical journey - February 21, 2009

exactly more should do it!! lol

3. Dave - February 21, 2009

I ran ahead of a couple going into a store the other day, and rather then run in, I opened the door for them to let them go ahead.The couple was taken aback and thanked me a couple of times.it was a nice feeling, and it seemed to make their afternoon.Nice post Laura

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