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Up and Down…! March 3, 2009

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
My weight is on a rollercoaster at the mo! Up and down! I have been all eating, doing my PEG feeds 3 nights a week and excercising once a week on Wii Fit! I don’t really see my dietician anymore becausse of new stupid health policies that say they dont need to see me in person and keep an eye on me over the phone. How is that a good policy? I could go down to 6st again for all they care and they wouldnt know it??
At least I have my family keeping an eye on me and my weight! :0) and I’m pretty much happy with how life is at the moment! I’m enjoying my volunteering at the school despite regular changes of classes but I kinda like that change because although I like routine, I also like a variety of things to stop me getting bored easily!
We had a power cut this monring too so i had no net arghhhh worst night mare ever! So in the very long 2 hours that the electricity was off, I started the book Twilight and even though I’ve seen the film, id like read the book too! 😀


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