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Busy few days… March 18, 2009

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I changed days of my volunteering from Weds and Friday to Monday and Weds as its much easier for my mum to wake me up as I can never wake up on time when I have somewhere to be!
Today was a gorgeous day lovley and sunny! First time its actually been warm after winter even if it wasn’t THAT warm but compared to the very cold winter we had, it’s been a long time coming! My brother took me and my mum to the village where I volunteer and mum went to the shop and walked home since it was a nice day! He dropped me off at the school where I could hear happy kids playing! It’s a nice sound :0)
Today was mostly a music lesson so lots of viewing the kids with their musical instruments as we learnt notes and songs!
At one point, there were just so many kids clapping and playing different instruments at different times what with being in small groups, it jumbled my brain!! I nearly had to switch off at one point coz it was soooooooo loud! Lots of drums, keyboard, xylophones all playing at once and with kids with their fiddling about and bickering who’s going to what instrument all at once was a bit much for my little cochlear implant to take! But before I could switch off, teacher calls for silence ahhhh bliss! πŸ™‚ There was a fair bit of singing which was nice too πŸ™‚
I finally felt content to look after myself and catch the bus home because my brother couldn’t pick me up as he was busy at university which was kinda cool because it was a nice day so I wasn’t very bothered about it. If it had been raining, I probably would have panicked as I had no coat! I really like days like today, just sunny and a little bit of breeze blowing and you can just chill outside, read a book or just sit on my little swing chair and listen to all the birds and feel the sun on your face! πŸ™‚ and maybe thinking of that certain someone! hehe
I am off to Newcastle next Weds for to see the Professor! You can just imagine him wacky white hair and a white coat! which is exactly what he’s like! haha! Will be good to see my Nana and Aunt too on the way back via Middlesbrough!
Yes all in all, its been an awesome day!!! πŸ˜€


1. MsCatCalls - March 19, 2009

Hi Laura Just found your blog on David’s blog ( Five String Guitar ) . great stuff , good to read some of your back posts too , I will be back …..

2. disenchanted - March 20, 2009

its nice to hear you had a nice day and got the bus on your own, well done xxxxx

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