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Eye worry… April 5, 2009

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
I get quite worried about the fact I may need to seriously consider having an eyelid lift when I go to Newcastle next year..
Part of me worries something will go wrong and it will compromise my sight although I know they don’t touch they eyes, just a cut and stitch of the eye lid, they say, calmly.. which makes me even more worried!
I recieved the review letter of the meeting with the doc at newcastle which I am a delightful young lady and mentions all my usual things etc and then the eyes.. and that I am reluctant to do the eyelift!
Would’nt any one be reluctant to do anything operation wise, after the experiences I’ve had with operations in the past and the doc can understand that.
I know that he says I must do this sooner rather than later and it would make my eyes better viewing and appearance wise. I just dont know though… :0S
I guess I trusted him with the PEG op but look where that got me! 5 weeks in intensive care and nearly died but I put on weight with the PEG and thats what matters because I look better with some weight on me but the eyes are another thing. At least I dont have to think about it til next year unless my parents keep bringing it up and telling me to CONSIDER it…!
I will consider but I’m totally unsure on a decision yet but like i say, won’t think about it til next year! 😀
On the other hand, i am looking forwrd to easter and spending time with my boyfriend next weekeend! :0D I feel very lucky to have found this lovley, sweetest guy ever! hehe ❤


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