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Good News… April 27, 2009

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
I went on my usual 6 month trip to Bradford to see the cochlear implant doc. After all the sun we have been having, the day I was going out, it decided to rain! Just my luck!
The waiting time was as usual, long and slow! I finally got in to my appointment and he checked my bad right ear and declared it healthy! At last! Although, it can get sore at times because I mostly sleep on that ear. He then checked my cochlear implanted ear and he said all was fine!
Because my right ear is declared healthy, I no longer have to see my cochlear implant doc unless I need to. I was sooooo pleased because I have been going for so long to him with him checking my bad ear! 9 years in fact! cleaning it out and checking it out. Now I no longer have to do any of that! My ear is healthy! It will take some time to sink in but I hope i grasp it!
:0) All i need to do now is go to the cochlear implant centre if i am required to! woohoo! :0)
I’m very tired now after that day but its one less thing to worry about!


1. Demented Demon. - April 27, 2009

That is good news by the way your blog is so good and an inspiration to Deaf people like myself 🙂

2. melissa - April 27, 2009

That’s great Laura!! Another thing off your mind!! x

3. Laura ~Peach~ - April 27, 2009

excellent news!!!!!! Wahooooo~~:)

4. Charlotte - April 28, 2009

Congrats, did you ask for upgrade to Freedom?? x

5. Laura's medical journey - April 28, 2009

No charlette i didnt because it was just to see the ci doc to see my bad ear not going to the centre etc 🙂 like they have said they will be in touch when its time to lol coz my ci doc gona contact a lady at the ci centre and she will get in touch with me!

6. zeitgeist - May 3, 2009

I just found your blog… You are a true inspiration to all. I was depressed for a long long time and I was searching on the internet on suicide methods. Then I came across your blog. You makes me think about my life in a different angle. I am going to follow your blog as long as I can. I myself, is a very unlucky person. BUT YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION! I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST!

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