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Reconsidering… June 3, 2009

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
Lately, I have been reconsidering the eyelid lift procedure because 
  • It will give me a better quality of life
  • Maybe my eyesight will be better (less double vision)
  • No more droopy eyelids
  • I won’t have people asking why I look tired
  • My eyes have been sore because I’m straining them what with having to keep them open and my eyelid muscles not being strong enough to keep them open. (hence the droopiness)
I have emailed the docs about it after more information about the procedure since last time I was there, I pretty much gave the doc a blunt “no” Since then the top of my eyes are feeling strange and heavy, I would really rather not feel like this any more. Today at volunteering I could hardly focus on the board and the teacher so i barely knew what the lesson was about!  Although i did email the doc, I got an automatic email saying he was on holiday til 15th june. Typical! 

On a more happier note, I have been enjoying the sunshine in the garden soaking up the rays and the park with my boyfriend which was a lovely weekend.  It’s been a while since we had some decent warm weather! I tend to make the most of it! I’m also doing my cross stitch which I’m glued to at the moment! It will be good to get it finished!


1. Debs - June 3, 2009

hope all this will sorted out for you..Time will fly… June 15th is not long!

2. Laura ~Peach~ - June 4, 2009

yes yes yes yes yes yes …15th is right around the corner

3. Jennifer Bruno Conde - June 15, 2009

Hey there, Laura! The 15 is tomorrow!! It's actually today for you guys! Let us know what he says in response to your email.Hugs, Jennifer

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