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PARTY!…or not… June 15, 2009

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
On Saturday evening, I went to along to a friend’s birthday party who was my friend’s brother in law. When I got there, they were playing 5 a side football at Soccer City. I got myself a drink which was mostly water rather than cola… lol so i asked them for another which was better!
It started off good and having a chat with the people I knew there but once the disco started… all conversation went out the window! All i could hear from the room was boom boom boom music and everyone looked like they were miming as I could not hear their voices! I switched my cochlear implant off a couple of times which was very pleasing. There were also a few young kids running around screaming at the top of their voices! but thats kids for you! Kevin told me he thought the disco was too loud too! we both had such a headache by the time we got out of the room and went down stairs to watch some of the kids that were at the party play football. Lets just say I am glad i have my implant haha because I can switch off whenever I want! 🙂 Kevin and other people were jealous of this! I have another birthday to go to this Saturday as well which is a meal so that will be good and a bit more peaceful! It’s been a very busy two weeks with volunteering and birthdays! ahhhh sleep!


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