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Boo…! June 24, 2009

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
What a busy afternoon I had! Volunteering at the school was busy but fun! This week is Sports Week so theres lots of sports acitvities to keep the kids busy! The weather has been absolutly gorgeous thankfully and I’ve been outside watching on the grass, all the kids do their sports acitivies and cheering them on! Today was good fun too because there was a huggeeee portable climbling wall in the playground ( with safety helmets and harneses of course!) and circus things to play with such as juggling balls, spinning wheels and stilts! I had a go at the juggling, as rubbish as I was and helped the kids with the spinning wheels and the stilts!

Because it was soooo sunny, my eyes were almost closed due to the brightness! I’m a bit blind when the sun is that bright and I cant see where I am going…

Also today, a kid in the class I was helping in went “BOO!” in my cochlear implanted ear right in the microphone! Just above all the class room hustle and bustle, I heard him and turned and he went “scared ya” hehe 🙂 bless him! If he had done it in the unimplanted ear, i’d never have heard him!

So this afternoon of fun. frolics and sun, I am so tired! The sun really make my eyes hurt at times when I’m out in open sunshine a long time which I think is because my eyes are so small and the fact they are droopy and not letting much in so when I’m out in bright sunshine, it really hits me and my eyes automatically try and close because it’s so bright! Apart from the sore eyes, I had a good afternoon and I intend to have a goooood sleep in! Zzzz….



1. Jennifer Bruno Conde - June 25, 2009

Sounds like you had a great day! Boo!! Your "Boo" story was cute!Jennifer 🙂

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