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Yet another blow to the PEG… July 15, 2009

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
The last 2 weeks or so, my PEG has been playing up again with yet another infection 😦
It seemed to start up before I went on holiday which it was a bit sore but not as bad as previous infections and luckily I had my cream with me to soothe it.
its still not clearing up on it’s own though so its back to the antibiotics… belugh which I’m not a fan of taking medicene ( unless it tastes nice like Calpol which i use to get rid of any pain in the peg area) I cannot swallow pills (I dont know why, i feel the need to chew them…) so if i have to have any pills, they have to be turned into medicenes.
I’ve had a long day what with having no sleep last night and having my volunteering at the school today but today was my last day for summer til September! Woop! Can relax and allow my PEG to heal! with the help of magical antibiotics… hehe sleep zzzz


1. Elaine CI journey - July 19, 2009

When I had my 2nd caesarean birth I vowed never ever use antibiotics unless I really had to (e.g. cochlear implant infection) so I use tea tree oil – dab it on with cotton wool and it does the trick in repairing the job – amazing stuff tea tree oil – you can get it from Boots for example!

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