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No batteries…! July 24, 2009

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
My PEG is still sore and has an infection despite being on 2 weeks of antibiotics. I seem to be come immune quickly to antibiotics after just taking one prescriptions worth. Even when I had my ear infection in my previously implanted ear, all the ear drops, creams and antibiotics, they stopped working on me. I think it took having the PEG and having all my nutrition and vitamins of the feed that gets fed through my PEG to clear it.
I have the docs appointment today to see if anything else can be done for my PEG infection and at least I hope it will be better before my birthday in August. The ABBOT nurse is also coming over on monday to check my PEG out too.
I also called up for batteries for my cochlear implant on Monday, and I didnt recieve any through the post all week and when mum rang up today, she told me they had no recollection of me rinigng up on monday! ahhh but now they are on their way I hope because I only have the 2 spare packs of batteries that my parents keep in mum’s bag and dad’s car. Hopefully they will arrive!


1. Charlotte - July 25, 2009

Sorry to hear about your PEG problems.With the batteries my CI centre sends them out to everyone every 2 months. And we get 2 boxes at a time around between xmas/easter. Which is great. You should ask your CI centre about this. One box per person/ear every 2 months is sufficent enough.

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