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Anger at "no cochlear implant" facebook group… July 25, 2009

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
In the last few days, I have been introduced to some new cochlear implant users although not in the best way because I met them on an awful group on facebook called “No cochlear implant” and I and other cochlear implant users are all angry at this silly woman who thinks cochlear implants are unhealthy and can harm children. A lot of cochlear implantees i know on facebook are angry at this group and have vented thier opinion of this awful group. I am just as angry at her too because this woman is giving the wrong information of cochlear implants to people and may put people off having one. She is deleting anyone who goes against her which makes her a coward.
I could understand this woman if she saw both ways of having a cochlear implant but she is totally against them for some reason and is trying to put other people off them too! Why would anyone do that when a cochlear implant RESTORES your hearing, it does not REPLACE it because you are still deaf without the cochlear implant. This woman says hearing is unhealthy which is ridiculou because of course everyone is born with their hearing! A cochlear implant is a wonderful invention!
She also states that she doesnt want children or teenagers to be implanted til the age of 18 and they make their own choice.. which again i find is silly because you lose years of the experience of learning to speak and listen. She also thinks hearing aids are the same as cochear implants as well!!
which they are not! because if you are profoundly deaf like me, normal hearing aids dont work and require a more powerful hearing aid such as a cochlear implant.
I and other cochlear implant want this woman to delete her group off facebook!
I for one am proud of having a cochlear implant and I know lots of other people who love theirs too! I am not going be made to feel guilty in any way for having my implant. It has made my life so much better! I hope this woman understands shes fighting a losing battle against us cochlear implantees!


1. disenchanted - July 25, 2009

you should report her to facebook honey

2. Susan - July 26, 2009

What a great job you have done on your blog!!! I am now following you and look forward to reading your post. What do you mean "she deletes anyone who goes against her"? from her group?I am on facebook are there groups for people with ci? I am off to look now. Again—GREAT job on BlogSusan

3. Nicola - July 27, 2009

At least this group is a minority, as there are hundreds of groups/pages that are pro cochlear implants. So yes, it looks like she's fighting a losing battle.

4. Laura's medical journey - July 27, 2009

yes but this particular group the creator was giving false information to potential ci people. saying it kills children and that children shouldnt have a cochlear implant til they were 18 and they can make their own choice! compared to other groups that give free opinion on WHY they dont want one. me and some other cochlear implant users got the group closed down.

5. Glenice - July 27, 2009

I'm glad to read that you got the group closed down. It is disturbing when false information about cochlear implants is spread around.

6. Debs - July 28, 2009

Good grief.. CI kill children?? does she think.. over 18yrs are immune to whatever CI kill???? we should laugh at that sad woman!!! should report her to facebook and close the group its sooooo stupid!

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