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Exciting times… August 5, 2009

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
My PEG is getting better so thats something, Im listening to the drone of the washing machine which is making me a bit crazy and want to shut the door and block it out, rather than take off the cochlear implant!
Recently, I have been talking to a father of a cochlear implant user on facebook about meet ups because I have always asked my implant centre if there were any meet ups so you could meet other cochlear implantees but all I ever got was either “pen pals from another town” or “workshop” which I didnt want. I wanted to meet up with people who had a cochlear implant and discuss our experiences etc… but now we are closer to getting other families or users of cochlear implants together for a meal where we can all chat! it will be the first time I have met a lot of cochlear implant people all at once! It will be a good experience if it happens! 😀 and meet the people I’ve talked to online.
Also my birthdays coming up next friday and i will be turning the big “24” when did time go??I dont knwo what i will be doing for it yet thought. Im sure ill find something!


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