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Down and out (again…) August 17, 2009

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
My Birthday went well and I went out with my family and boyfriend for a meal on the friday ( despite feeling a bit achey) but true to form it got steadily worse over the weekend… with my fustration starting to show I don’t like to rely on other people concerning my condition. Having to rely on my mum to get me around the house is pretty crap for a 24 year old. It hasnt been this bad since 2003 when the condition first came to light.
I’ve just been up stairs to simply go to the loo and get changed into some new pj’s on and by the time I got up the stairs, I was just exhausted! I havent been able to eat anything apart from hafl a packet of Skips since saturday because of my weak swallowing.. im getting a headache because of this and my damn neck wont support my head enough to stay up for 10 mins at a time so I have to take a break lying it down on the back of the sofa. At current, I’m drinking tea through a straw which is bliss.
The doctor and nurse came by earlier and they have given me yet more antibiotics ( i must have had about 4 lots of them now)
I was supposed to be going to Bournmouth with the bf today but he had to go home without me
:0 ( I’m sure thre will be other times though As Gwyn said to me earlier ” its what going out with a bionic woman entails” I had to laugh hehe :0 )
I’m content at moment sitting in my chair with my lappy to talk to friends with.
Hopefully with this next batch of antibiotics and my PEG patched up, I’ll start to finally get this damn infection sorted with for good!


1. kimberley - August 17, 2009

dear laura …I am waiting for my implant..just watched ur video..it was great thank you..I feel even better about my implant..you have made some think…look so great…thank you again…you will see my video soon…thank you once again love kimberley….x

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