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Recovering and Article… August 26, 2009

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
I have just got back from the doc’s because of that wheeze in my chest. The doc told me that it should get better in time and I need lots of rest and I will be back to my normal self in no time!
Apart from coughing up all the time which is making my PEG area so sore. 😦 we got cream from the doc for it but I can’t use it til Friday til the nurse shows us how to use it! Every time i cough, it seems to hurt my PEG area but I can’t stop coughting… I also have the blood test to see if my liver function has gone back to normal from my time in hospital. I hope its back to normal!
On a good note, the article about my 15 yrs as a cochlear implantee has come up in the magazine “here and now”
here is the link if anyone would like to read it. HERE AND NOW page 16.
Now to rest!


1. Megan - August 27, 2009

Hey. I don't have my PEG anymore, i had it taken out in January. But its definatly more comfortable than the tube, and much more easily hidden and forgotten about it. I only had the tube for 3 months before changing to the button PEG. Xx

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