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Busy Times… September 2, 2009

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
On my first note, I want to say RIP to my grandma, who sadly passed away on 1st september. My parents are busy with funeral details and the funeral is on Tuesday. I’m glad she went peacefully after a battle against stomach cancer and in a hospice rather than hospital which no one would have been aorund her. I like this pic of her because it;s how she was at home with her headscarf on and she looks all cheery!

On my medical note, my peg is looking better after having some dressings and special cream on my peg site. It could look even better after some more dressings i guess, and faltten that wart type ball that was growing out of my PEG site. I spent the night being woken up by my parents and my brother because the feed pump kept beeping! I had enough of it by 3am and told them to just turn it off! Only to be woken up early by mum in the morning because the nurse was due to come so I got nooooooooo sleep whatsoever!

I am still waiting for a date for my “button” peg procedure which might be a couple of weeks. Apart from that just lots of flopping about!



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