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My opinion on a CI YouTube video… October 5, 2009

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
My brother told me about a video on youtube and told me to watch it all so i did…
This is the video

While watching it, i felt a bit angry but then I watched it to the end and saw his point. But I disagree with his point. If anyone waited til 18 to get a cochlear implant, wouldn’t it take longer to adjust to sounds if they have been deaf their whole life? If you had just gone deaf, it would be easier to adjust back to the sounds through a cochlear implant the less time you have been deaf whether you are under 18 or over 18.
I think that the earlier you have the implant after going deaf, you are most likely to have better speech skills after speech and language and adjust to the sounds better. The longer you stay deaf before getting a Cochlear implant it can be harder to get back to hearing the sounds and longer to get good speech.
I went to the cochlear implant meet in September, I met a child and he had his cochlear implant when he was a baby and I’ve seen videos of his positive progession of speech and hearing and hes getting better everyday! I know that some parents can find the decision very hard when its a child and they want the best for them. Either way, whether or not they have the cochlear implant, we are still deaf and part of the deaf community and we have the best of both deaf and hearing worlds. I dont hate my parents for giving me te cochlear implant, I LOVE them for it and they made the right choice for me to give me the cochlear implant when i was 9 years old. If they had left it til I was 18, I probably would have been too scared to go through with the operation and I dont think id have the good speech I have now. I had the help of speech therapists and teachers of the deaf when I was going through the cochlear implant after stage and learning to hear with it. I know my parents made the right choice and they don’t feel guilty and neither do I!


1. Jamiesdad - October 5, 2009

The child in your blog is my son Jamie and I would challange anyone to say that his CI has not made a huge differance.We spent many a night awake and wondered if we was doing the right thing in putting him under the knife and have to say i was totaly against it but how wrong was i to think that.The feeling i have when a call him and he comes running with a big smile on his face is undescribable and when i can talk to him on the phone and he laughs the feeling is amazing.This marvellous piece of technologey has changed our son life in the 6 months he has had it.The support we got from you Laura in them few days after the op made so much differance and helped us to get through those little bit when people just didnt know and know we are doing the same with other families.We have never really thanked you for your support.Thank you LOZ FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS YOU MADE THE DIFFERANCE…Thank you.xx

2. Vivie - October 6, 2009

I have to add my 2 cents. I was implanted over 18 ( 25 to be exact ) and even if I wore HA's before the CI , I still struggle sometimes as you know Laura.It's getting better and better though.Adults have to persevere a LOT more and it's harder to do it as well.Childrens have it easy because they have this learning like sponges , and they're really adaptive to anything.And they get the best end of the deal.Sometimes it's just like that.You want your child to get the best end of the deal. Jamiesdad , my parents were critical and still are sometimes of my decision even if they supported me , but it's been a struggle with everyone.But the amazing thing is that your Jamie has adapted so quickly that you don't have any regrets.And big cheers for Laura to supporting you. Laura , most of anything you aren't deaf or with a condition only.You are the kindest and positive person I've ever met , and you're someone that I consider a friend , even via long distance.You have a passion in you that flares up when you get things you love , and the CI has helped you TREMENDOUSLY to achieve a lot of things and will continue to help you. As it will continue to help anybody s/he gets it.Everyone makes their personal decision , and these decision SHOULD be respected. With Love.

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