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Not long now… October 11, 2009

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
There’s just a week on Tuesday to my PEG change procedure at Newcastle, I’m still not sure what to expect on the day. All i know is that on the morning I’m going to see the PEG doc and discuss some things such as which type of PEG I want, what’s going to happen and the doc to have a look at my PEG and PEG site. In the afternoon, I will have the change done which takes about half an hour or something like that. Hopefully it will all go smoothly with no problems because I have to go home to Huddersfield after it’s done. Any problems I may have, I would have to go all the back to Newcastle because they did the procedure and the Huddersfield and Bradford NHS don’t work with the PEG that I intend to choose which is the press- stud type of PEG.
The PEG nurse will keep an eye on it though so its no worries! I hope!
As far as i know, I get the procedure done by a local which I’m not looking forward to having after the experience with my muscle biopsy. Hopefully I will cope better with this one! No shivering and crying!


1. Debs - October 14, 2009

Good luck.. dont worry too much!! I only email away if need someone to talk to!

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