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My Pro/Cons and rules for the cochlear implant… November 9, 2009

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You are still deaf without the external part on so you are still part of the deaf world but you just have the beauty of both hearing and deaf worlds.
I can listen to music
I can hear my family and friend’s voices and still lipread
I can hear the TV without looking at the screen (sometimes without subtitles!)
I can hear a person without looking at them
I can hear birdsong, rain and all kinds of sounds
I have good speech
I have had my cochlear implant for 15 years now *even if i did have 2*
I can switch off whenever I want if i hate a sound or just have a headache!
Having the BTE small and discreet
I can tell the difference in accents and voices and different sounds.
It’s not 100% hearing but it’s good enough and clear enough once you get used to the mappings.


Group talking can be a pain with lots of people talking at once
Background noise such as loud music or lots of talking in
The operation eek
The programming of the ci. i hate having my map changed.
You need be careful of your implant area ie dont bump the area very hard!
When i’m in the car on the motorway, all i hear is the roar of the engine! argh

Other things to know about when you have a CI.

static electricity – ie a tv that has been on for a long time or clothes, you need to be careful not to touch them with the wire of the ci.
Air travel – you need to switch off the cochlear implant when the plane is taking off and landing, i tend to leave my cochlear off the entire journey from switching it off before getting on the plane and turning it back on gain when Im off the plane (cant be too careful!)
Meningitis– before you get the implant, or even after make sure you are protected against Meningitis by getting an injection.
Ear infections – this is an urgent matter, if you have an ear infection go see your cochlear implant doc as soon as possible.
X- rays – are fine although I usually take external part off for an x ray.
Any kind of electric surgery is a no no. If in doubt, consult your cochlear implant centre.
Shop security systems – are fine I’ve never had a problem with them but if you do,, you can show them the cochlear implant card
Airport security systems – these are different to shops and will scramble your mapping so ask the airport for a frisk search instead. I have never had a problem with this and airport understand. if they don’t show them the cochlear implant card.

If in doubt with anything, contact your cochlear implant centre and they will always be happy to help you! 🙂

Hope this helps! x


1. Anonymous - November 12, 2009

Hi Laura,Great blog! It's informative and I really like the color scheme. I ama journalist and I am currently researching cochlear implants. I am aware that certain types of cochlear implants may be defective. Reportedly, these cochlear implants can produce popping noises and function intermittently. More info on failed cochlear implants can be found here.

2. Laura's medical journey - November 12, 2009

Thanks for your comment. I notice that your article is aimed at AB. I have nucleus. i have probs with my ci popping sometimes but its only tiny sounds and usually goes if i tap the processor BTE a bit. doesnt happen often so it not a problem. I have the nucleus 3G esprit and i have had this processor for a while now as i have not been given the Freedom processor yet. I have had no other problems with the processor in my 15 yrs i have had the cochlear implant. if you need any more info get in touch

3. Anonymous - January 5, 2010

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

4. Anonymous - January 13, 2010

I inclination not agree on it. I assume polite post. Specially the designation attracted me to read the sound story.

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