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Ringing… December 6, 2009

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
Every now and again, I get ringing in my ears, even with the CI on. It’s usually set off by lots of different noises going on! Such as a loud TV and my parents trying to talk over it. Or a disco and lots of people talking at once. When I get this ringing I don’t when it will stop , things can make it louder such as running water out of a tap or if i switch my cochlear implant off. Which I find strange.. you switch the CI off, it gets a bit louder but when you switch it back on, its still there but quieter. It can go on for a long time or a short time.
Last night It was set off by the TV having to be turned up because my dads going deaf… old age.. hehe I tell him to use the subs but he doesn’t he can be there going TURN IT UP! TURN IT UP! And I’m there going “It’s loud enough!” How ironic! 😛
Anyway, the ringing went on til 3am after the loud TV and parents talking over it. I eventually got to sleep, but I still have it at the moment, hopefully it will it fade out soon.


1. Dan Schwartz - December 6, 2009

Laura, talk to your CI audie about tweaking your MAP and/or IDR setting on your Freedom 3G.The nuke 5 processor upgrade will help; but the software to run your N24 implant won't be out until springtime.Catch you on Facebook!Dan

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