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"sssssssssssss"… January 26, 2010

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
Our TV broke down this weekend which we could receive no picture, just audio, which i could hear. We then brought our old TV back in from the shed. There was a very big difference in sound. The TV which broke was stereo sound and the old TV from the shed was mono sound.
The next day we bought a new flat screen with stereo but my brother didn’t get a chance to set the TV up in audio etc as he had to rush off to work. So whenever people said their S’s, it was a high pitched ssssssssssss at the end of when someone spoke. My parents could hear it too but it wasn’t as high pitched to them as it was to me. Whenever it did it, it made my ears hurt! My boyfriend was here at the time and he tuned in the audio thankfully! What a weekend with lots of different TV changes and sounds of the TV! I have now got used to the new stereo sound again! I’m glad not to hear them “sssssssssss” sounds again!

My mum also got a new telephone too! grr so lots of beeping from the phone and her trying out the new ringtones! She’s finally sorted the ringtone because it was SO loud!

These techy gadgets take some getting used to with their sounds! haha! 🙂


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