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Whoosh… February 20, 2010

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
I noticed tonight, a sound that has been part of everyday life. You know when you brush your hair on the cochlear implanted side, it whooshes? thats the only way I can describe it, even when running your hands through your hair, its just whoosh, maybe a bit of a crackle if the hair is dry. I’ve had that sound for over 15 yrs! *i have had implant for 16 but it took me time to get used to sounds give or take a year” Sounds like that have become familiar with me. Every day things such as the telephone or my family talking in the back ground. Mind you, i hate dads snoring! I’m lucky i can switch off and have a silent sleep and not be woken. Although, not being able to wake by sound has its bad points but the sounds of a CI outdo any of the disadvantages of being deaf!

Also, Newcastle is creeping up soon in March and get the eye situation out the way! Ask my Qs that i have written down all ready for it. If i go through with it, and I’ll probably say yes this time round because my eyes are bothering me now look wise and vision wise. I just hope i wont have to wait long to have it done or i will be freaking myself out with worry as i always do before an op! But we shall see! (see what i did there! hehe)


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