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New purple pump…! May 10, 2010

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
Next week, I will be getting a snazzy new purple pump for my PEG! I’ve been checking it out online and it looks really cool! It looks smaller and I will be have better feed packs as at the moment we get BOTTLES of feed and on the new pump, they have these tinfoil bags now that u can just throw in the bin. Next monday, me and my mum will be trained how to use the pump as we did with the current one I have now. I’m sure it will be simple enough to do. When i looked online, they show you videos of how you use it and the beeps it comes with if there’s a problem. When I heard them, i kinda thought they sounded like the beeps I get on the maps on the CI! It was very strange!

So I get the new pump next monday, but the new feed packets come later, so I will have to keep using the current pump I have at the moment and I will eventually start using the new one!

It comes with its own little rucksack to take it places if need be and you can walk about with it which is better because with the wire on the pump i have now i cant really walk far unless I drag the pump around with me!

Bring on the Feed!


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