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Getting stronger… June 7, 2010

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
i am getting stronger every day now, woo hoo i have been having my feed every night and going to bed early coz I am basically shattered of the energy I’ve been using up during the day. I am now able to walk about unaided and go up and down the stairs unaided which I am happy about because stairs scare me when I’m weak with no energy. I always seem to have one weak leg that might just ” go” if you know what i mean. i couldn’t even put my own cochlear implant on because I couldn’t lift my arms up enough to do it. I can do it now thankfully. Mum never knows where the magnet actually goes and with the hair in the way, the coil kept falling off!
I haven’t managed to eat anything full yet apart from the usual water and jelly which is making me frustrated because I want to get back to eating something yummy such as my cakes and snacks! At the moment, i tried a skip * the crisp snack type* earlier but it didn’t go well as I coughed when I swallowed it. So I tried a custard yogurt and that went down more easily. I have some antibiotics to clear anything on my chest that might stop me swallowing properly. I’m still happy that I can have my cuppa tea though ahh even if it is through a straw! Its been a frustrating couple of days, but I’m getting somewhere now! ON my feet and doing what I usually do! šŸ˜€ Thank god for my family and the bf! Dunno what i’d do without them!


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