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Friends’s op… June 28, 2010

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
My friend emailed me yesterday and told me that his brow suspension lift operation went well and hes recovering at home now. He ‘s told me how it all went and how the pain and sweliling would be like etc..
He also said he would send me pics in a few days and see what it looks like. I am more worried about the swelling and the local which would sting than the actual operation! He said he had a problem due to some scarring on his forehead from a previous eyelid lift operation but he said as i dont have that, mine should be straightforward. I;m glad i have someone to talk to and tell me all about it. it makes me feel a bit more confident about doing it myself.

i am feeling i might actually do this! it’s scary but I feel it needs to be done for my vision to be better. Lately all i see is my world through my eyelashes and closing one eye! Im hoping it will make my vision less double vision-y too.

on other notes, I am enjoying the sunshine we are getting and i can just relax in the garden on our swing chair! I’ve actually had my cochlear implant stick to the bars a few times due to it being metal!! So i always sit in the middle!



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