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Stinking cold… August 11, 2010

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.
Sorry I’ve not blogged for a bit. Me n Mum have been trying to sort out the brow suspension date out. I’ve also caught a summer cold which isnt sitting well with me at mo. I’m not sleeping very well because of the blocked nose, sweats and basically feeling crap! I have my birthday on Saturday too! So I’m hoping it will be gone or at least a bit better by then. I’ve been putting my feed on every night to ensure I can fight it quicker as well. Due to having no sleep my eyes look even bloody smaller! But i guess that what 2 nights of no sleep does to you! I’ve got a chesty cough but I should be ok because ive got a good cough to cough out any horrible stuff! Whereas when I got pneumonia I was little as 5 stone and very weak so I couldnt fight that off. My parents have reassured me that as long as I got a good strong cough i will be fine 🙂
I can be a worry wart at times urgh…


1. EmmaVerdona124 - August 12, 2010

I hope you feel better soon!

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