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The day after the brow suspension.. October 11, 2010

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9th oct– My parents arrived just in time for the unveiling of my eyelid. The doc came about 10am and told us what to expect. he took off the patch and i had 3 stiches on my eyelid 2 on my eyebrow and one on my forehead.  The doc said it looked good and that he was confident. He told us it would take a few days for the local to wear off and maybe a few weeks to see the final outcome. he also told us that they were disolvable stiches so i didnt have to have them taken out which i was pleased about because they were in a deleicate place.

it felt a bit weird and a bit sore so i took some parecetamol and chilled out for a bit while the nurse came to clean up my face a bit because of the icky theatre antiseptic. She then left to get our discharge papers and give us some drops to put in my eye for a week.

10th oct-  2nd pic – my eye was looking better but the doc said the swelling would come over the next few days. My eyebrow is still low from the local.



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