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2 weeks on from brow op… October 23, 2010

Posted by loz121 in Uncategorized.

My eyebrow op has gone well, any bruisnig or swelling i had  went down quite quickly which I was surprised with! My eye seems more open that my other but I still think it could be more open and just over the pupil but my doc can adjust that by 1mm if needs be in the next operation in November. Im quite pleased with it. I still have a stitch in my head but the ones on the eyelid have dissolved.  I have had no double vision since! I had a bit of trying to look at things more closely after the first few days but that has now settled. i was surprised at how I didnt really have much pain and any pain i had was helped by paracetamol.  My eyebrow was frozen for about a week and a half so my eyebrow woudlnt move if i tried and it was lower that my other one but its all gone back to normal now.

The stye eye that was drained is still a little bruised but i can tell the difference between how open my other eye is now.  im very pleased with it and hope the other op in november goes well too!


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