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2nd eyebrow suspension part 1… November 14, 2010

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Off we go again! on 11th november we travelled up Newcastle yet again for my 2nd eyebrow suspension on the left eyelid  and the adustment on my right eyelid. We went to the hosptial first to have a catch up as usual with the mito doc! She did the usual tests and weighed me. i was pleased to know my weight had gone up to just over 8st woop! She also told me about the facebook group they were thinking of doing for mito patients and asked if id like to have a part in it along with another mito patient so we could raise more awareness of mitochondrial condiitons or just simply to help the ones that have the conditons so they can confer with people who have the same problems. i jumped at the chance as its something to do at home and keep busy with She also suggested some physio to help me with my moving about more. She told me she would let me know later in time.

on the 12th, we awoke at our Premier inn hotel at 7am!! as me and my parents had to be at the hospital for 8 30am. i had a better nights sleep than lhe last time i was at newcastle. We made our way to the hospital and went on to ward 20 where we were in a new part of the building. i was impressed and the nurses were lovely.
i was given my hopsital ID bracelet and medical notes taken, then the nurse put some numbing cream all over my top forehead for the locals. (i really dont like feeling locals!) then it was a waiting game!

at 11am i was wheeled to theatre and had stinging locals all over my forehead and some ieft eyelid (yes it killed!) it hurt more than last time as i had different numbing cream on.
When i was in the process of having the operation, the doc had a complication with the left eyelid and where the stye had used to be, it had left some scarring so he had to work around that but in the same time some of the things that were done were horrendous!! call me a baby but it felt like he was squeezing my eyeball again!! but i did it and got through it! it took longer than normal. he then moved on to my right eye for the adjustment which wasnt as bad as what i just went through!!
The doc patched me up with a tight eye patch to keep the pressure on it and would see me in the morning to take it off.


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