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Isolation August 3, 2008

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I do feel isolated from time to time being at home most of the time. I do things to keep myself busy like making things. My friends have their own lives/careers so I don’t see them as much as I’d like to. We always take the time to meet up as much as possible. I volunteer one day a week at a special school to get out of the house as I can’t work. I get tired easily and if I had a job, there would be sick days and hospital appointments so I stick to volunteering where I can do what I can on my own hours. I help out on reception doing admin and I enjoy it.
Even being with friends can be hard because I’m deaf and when I’m with a group of friends, it can be hard to follow what everyone is saying. I could be out for a meal with friends and I would be sitting quietly while everyone is chatting because I’m not following what they are saying .The voices come in all directions and I’m not sure which way to look and who to talk to! I try my best to join in at times but I’m better on a one to one basis! It can be hard when I’m in a place that’s noisy too. A cochlear implant doesn’t solve everything yet! Maybe in the future, I’ll learn to deal with it more and my communication skills will get better.

Just one of the things i made while I was at home

A latchhook rug made which I made over 3 months.



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